frequently asked questions

We’re here to help, whether you are starting the process of buying or selling your home, you will have questions.  There is a good chance that we have heard these before and have some answers that can be helpful.  Below are questions that come up more frequently than others.  

The first step in the process of buying a home is to get your financing in order.  That means speaking with a lender and getting pre approved for a loan.  We can help with that, we have great lenders that we can recomend.

The timelines vary for everyone, it can take anywhere from a week to several months to find the right home.  Once your offer is accepted, the typical escrow period is 30 to 45 days.

When you are in Escrow you are under contract to purchase your home.  An Escrow company is a third neutral party that handles money until the terms of the contract are met, at which point escrow will close and title will be transferred.

  There are several steps to selling your home.    You may have timeframes to work with, or need to find a replacement home.   Our Real Estate Professionals can help you fit all the pieces together and create a custom plan for you to sell your home.

The market is very competitive and you want to be positioned to be a strong buyer.  We recommend having your house listed on the market and preferable under contract before writing offers on a new home.  

The current market environment is fantastic for selling, its a sellers market.  However, interest rates have been on the increase which is pushing some buyers out, and inventory has been increasing as well.  

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